Sunday, February 1, 2009

A display of exemplary courage...

Daughter Exposes Father’s Cunningness in Bhubanewar Mahila Police Station

Two lovers: Mr. Bikash Samantaray, a young businessman of Badamahura, under Khandagiri P. S. of Bhubaneswar and Ms Sasmita Swain, (21), Gadagopinath Prasad colony of Mancheswar P. S., Khurda District, Orissa reached AMOFOI Office on 12 January, 2009 to have their Love Marriage by exchange of garlands . Their dowryless, casteless, creedless, Priestless Love Marriage took place in the evening hours in the presence of hero’s father and well – wishers. The lovers married each other after having love affairs for a period of 1 year, 6 months and 22 days. Their love relationship dates back to June 20, 2007. As a college student Ms Sasmita fully knew that her status-minded father Dr Bimbadhar Swain would never ever agree to accept her lover Bikash as his son-in-law. Reason: her Lover’s father Mr. Banamali Samantaray is a poor farmer. This being the social case Bride Sasmita left the house of her parents on January 8 and eloped with her lover Bikash. The local police was mobilized by the powerful father and the “kidnapped” daughter was traced out and handed over to her father the next day.

Heroine Sasmita kept low for a couple of days. In the early morning of January 11 she reached the house of her lover and both the lovers moved to a safe place. Next day they got wedded as AMOFOI (Anti – caste Marriage & One – child Family Organisation of India) Couple No. 3418.

Greater humiliation was in store for this highly committed couple in our hugely corrupt law and order system. The couple, being poor, could not proceed to Ooty or Switzerland to have their happy time. Bikash and Sasmita came back to Badamahura on 15th January. This time around, Sasmita’s moneyed father activated the authorities of the Bhubaneswar Mahila Police Station. No wonder they acted quite swiftly. They reached Badamahura and took Sasmita and her mother – in – law Mrs Khulana Samantaray to the police station. While in the utterly humiliating atmosphere of the police station Sasmita did not allow herself to be cowed down. She showed exemplary courage to save her love – based marital life.Her intimidating cajoling and threatening parents were there and she found the police siding with her parents. She stood firm. With copies of AMOFOI Marriage Certificate, her original Date of Birth Certificate and AMOFOI Marriage photos she categorically told the police that the allegations brought against her and her husband by her father were totally false . The police did not decide the case then there .It dilly –dallied and postponed its decision to the next day . For no fault of theirs Mrs. Khulana Samantaray and her brave and bold daughter – in – law had to have the humiliating experience of spending a wintry night in the police station.

“I am 21 years old. I am not a 16-year-old girl. My father is simply lying and bluffing. I am an adult citizen of India and I have married my lover on my own free will . I would very much like to go with my husband to his native place.” This unambiguous statement by Sasmita next day in the presence of her husband and all concerned in the police station clinched the issue. Machinations and shady manipulations failed miserably. Love triumphed blazingly. Hats off to AMOFOI Couple No. 3418: Sasmita and Bikash.

Admittedly, India is a free nation. But the cruelest social reality in India is Endogamy or the system of parent – controlled caste-creed – status- based marriage .The police most often plays a diabolical role .It acts as the agent, not of a secular government, but of the powerful conservative forces .This has largely harmed the life and honour of young men and women who are in deep love. In this instant case of love affairs between Sasmita and her lover Bikash, the authorities of both the Mancheswar police station and Bhubaneswar Mahila police station should have ignored the pressure mounted on them by the Bride’s moneyed father. Clearly, the police came under the influence of money and, therefore, acted both illegally and brazenly to harass and humiliate a poor man’s son, wife and his daughter – in- law. Had the police not been bribed, Dr Bimbadhar Swain, Sasmita’s father, ought to have been booked under various relevant Sections of the Indian Penal Code and proceeded against for filing false cases with the help of a forged document. Dr Swain had deliberately lowered his daughter’s age from 21 to16. The inaction by the Police in this regard is explicit and its complicity is thereby spoken eloquently.

Over his body and mind the individual is sovereign. This statement by philosopher J S Mill is in full consonance with human dignity and, besides, the terms such as Social Justice, Humanism and the Fundamental Right to Life and Personal Right (Art 21) –all contained in the Constitution of India - are quite expressive of the same. It is indeed shameful that the Police, which is maintained all the while out of state funds, does not care for this. Very often it works to the detriment of the lovers who are out to break the barriers of caste, creed and socio – economic status. Lovers who bravely defy their rich and affluent parents and who are getting married under the provisions of the Special Marriage Act of 1954 are not being protected by the Police. The Kolkota Police, under the CPM –led Left Front Government, was prevailed upon in 2007 to ruin the legitimate marital life of Mrs Priyanka Todi (23) with her husband Rizwanur Rahman (31). The lovers had their inter-religious anti –status Love Marriage on 18. 8.2007. Ashok Todi, Priyanka’s father who presides over property worth of Rs 200 crore ,was strongly opposed to his daughter marrying a poor Muslim young man with a monthly income of Rs 10 ,000 only. He played his dubious game. Because of the machinations of the high police authorities Computer Graphics Engineer Rizwanur Rahman had to die a pathetic death on 21. 9. 2007.

After all, what is the purpose of the police? Why the state machinery is against the right of lovers? This is clearly against the Fundamental Rights of the citizens. The 30 years of solid social reform activities by AMOFOI, chiefly in Orissa, have surely emboldened the lovers to bravely face their conservative parents and assert their fundamental right, viz, Right to Life and Personal Liberty guaranteed to them under Art. 21 of the Constitution of India.


  1. grat job by amofoi and extraordinary courage by Sasmita.

  2. this will give courage to other lovers to break the caste and status symbol of the society.

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