Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Right to have Economic Justice through Meaningful and Fraud-proof Employment.

Clearly, it has to be stated that all other Rights of the individual would pale into insignificance in the absence of the Economic Right. The economic system- whether Marxist, Mixed or Capitalistic- has to be finally resolved in the light of all the practical knowledge and bitter experiences faced so far. If the capitalist system is really that bad it should not be sustained by “Economic Stimulus Package”to the tune of $700 bn by any government anywhere. Let that system collapse. Let it not be bailed out with the state money. The leaders of the world, namely, the French President Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy and the German Chancellor Ms Angela Markel and such other leaders and economist like the Nobel Laureate Mr Amartya Sen and Eminent humanists like Mr. Richard Dawkins of Great Britain must get together in an Economic World Parliament to discuss the corporate frauds hitherto practiced by Satyam Computers, Enron, Union Carbide and such other agencies like Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and so on and so forth and devise a fraud-proof system of global economy. The statement of Sarkozy who is not necessarily a Marxist or a Socialist has to be taken into consideration .On January 9, 2009 while addressing a Conference on the future of Capitalism in Paris, Mr.Sarkozy blamed the financial speculators for encouraging a system fuelled on debt. He called financial capitalism based on speculation as “an immoral system” that has perverted the logic of capitalism .He termed capitalism as a system “where wealth goes to the wealthy, where work is devalued, where production is devalued, where entrepreneurial spirit is devalued.”All aspects of immoral practices, as practiced by Mr.B.Ramalinga Raju, the ex-Chairman of the Satyam Computers, must be done away with. The world must be globally and economically integrated and there should be a global currency, say, Globo for all the member-states of the global community. This way there would be economic justice for each and every individual of the world. There should be redistribution of wealth. Individual earnings should not vary widely as it does in present day India. A wage earner roughly earns Rs.1500 every month and lives in a slum or in unhealthy surroundings while his President lives in a massive palace called the Rashtrapati Bhavan and receives a monthly salary of Rs.1, 50,000 and many other perks of office. Nor is this all. In India Mr Ram Mynampati, the digressed acting CEO of the Satyam Computers used to get Rs 2.91 million every month, annually the same coming to 3.5 crore . With this sort of economic disparity there is bound to be insurgency from the ranks of Maoists and Naxalites.
All economic dealings, all earnings, all deposits in banks, all financial transactions, all contributions to political parties must be made transparent. No tax havens anywhere in the world – in any of the tiny territories held by the United Kingdom, the USA, France, Japan etc. This would take away immorality from the world of money and business. Each individual family in each and every nation must have a reasonable amount of land area to have its worthwhile living. There should not be anybody as a landless poor to be exploited and tortured in any manner.
All right-thinking people should get organized globally as well as nationally and agitate and educate the electorate so that the system of election, the system of governance, the system of marriage and the system of education and, last but not the least, the economic order and such other things are modernized and Switzerised and all the five rights listed above are ranked as Fundamental Rights for their citizens in their respective National Constitutions.

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