Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Right to Healthy Life and Personal Liberty

Healthy life gets endangered because of pollution, global warming, environmental disaster or other kinds of sufferings generated out of senseless industrialization and militarization. Every individual, irrespective of social origin, politico-economic background is entitled to lead a healthy, happy family life. For this to happen, there should be a universal scheme of One-child Family and Planned Parenthood .Marriage has to be love- based. It should never be creed-caste-status –based; never to be decided and dictated to by the parents. With the exit of illiberal, theocratic parental authority, each individual would be in a position to have greater degree of social freedom so as to take interpersonal relationships to the levels of exogamy, dignity, liberty and equality.
The greater and wider presence of globe –in- mind type of individuals would surely pave the way for a war-free global political order. As the population of the world would come down, consequent upon mass adoption of One-child Family Norm, no poverty-stricken youths could be there to be recruited, brain-washed and motivated to commit terrorist activities. Really there would be nobody below the poverty line and political leaders would not be in a position to bribe and hoodwink the electorate by providing them rice at Rs. 2 per kg and distributing money at the time of elections. There would be no slums, no unhealthy surroundings for any migrant labourer to live in and become a victim of the crippling AIDS.

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